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  • Can I use the programs in the gym?
    Yes of course. The workouts will be available anytime, with how-to videos so you can perform the movement correctly from wherever you are in the world.
  • I don't live in Morocco, can I still join?
    Yes of course you can! We have members from over 35 different countries all over the world and counting! Many of them have created their own local WhatsApp groups to motivate each other and meet other members nearby!
  • What does the workout schedule look like?
    Depending on the program you choose, you'll have a specific schedule or another. But you can always adapt it to your timetable. All the workouts are provided with a specific number of reps to achieve, but you can always increase reps or move to the harder alternatives as you feel yourself progress. It is also incredibly important to make sure your technique is good before really pushing yourself. If you have been training for a while, push yourself to do more reps and use heavier weights to continue your progression
  • How much does the app cost?
    When you'll feel ready to step up your fitness game, you'll be able to choose from several programs, depending on your needs and goals. Each program has a different cost and will be accessible for 1 year after purchasing it.
  • I’ve not done HIIT or weight training before, will I be ok?"
    Of course, we’ve got you! Check out my youtube channel to try a full-body follow-along workout so you can test yourself. We are progressing as a family, but we know that you will progress at different rates, that's why all the workouts included can be adapted to your level by reducing the intensity. It is all about You vs You, so if you can’t do more than 1 set of the weights, DON’T WORRY - YOU WILL GET THERE! It is all about personal progress and committing to the long-term game.
  • What equipment do I need?
    A space to workout at home or the gym, a mat, a water bottle, and your body! Depending on your program, you will need gym equipment or not! But there are always alternatives.
  • Where is the content held?
    Everything is going to be IN-APP. As soon as you download the app and subscribe to one of the formulas, you'll have access to several programs to choose from, and the how-to videos, reps, weight, and structure are going to be found directly inside the app.
  • Will this app really give me everything I need to succeed?
    YES! You’ll have access to everything you need to reach your goals (weight loss, strength training, bulk up, etc.). The app features workout programs and individual exercises that you can perform at home or at the gym. On top of that, you'll be able to have personalized meal plans.
  • What makes your app different? How do I know if it will work for me?
    If you haven’t had success with other workout apps in the past, you may be skeptical about mine. But I”m here to tell you, I guarantee you’ll get the results you want with me. Why? I don’t give you one-off programs or PDF documents and no assistance. I add new programs (with interactive videos explaining exercises) on a regular basis. My content is new, fresh, and ever-changing to keep you motivated and ready to work! Plus, if you need help, I’m always here for you. You can message me directly if you have any questions, feedback, or simply want to share your success.
  • I’m a beginner, will I be able to do your workouts?
    My workouts and programs work with any level of fitness. Plus, I walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos. This means you’ll be able to do all my moves easily, accurately, and safely.
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