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From better skin to deeper sleep, starting your day with a good workout has many positive effects on your health. Turns out it makes a difference when you start your day with a good sweat session 🤪

  1. Huge time savings: I wake up early, so I can get my workout in before everyone else wakes up. I just saved 2 hours of time, and I don't have to think about working out anymore during the day.

  2. Create a healthy routine: getting up early in the morning with the goal of working out will create a healthy routine that will inevitably lead to several other healthy routines automatically.

  3. Improve energy levels: Just after my workout, I get a crazy energy boost! If you offer me a cup of coffee, or a workout to wake me up, my choice would be quickly made.

  4. Sleep better: going to bed early, and getting up early makes me feel healthy. On top of that, I sleep better if I add early morning training into the equation.

  5. Being in a good mood: One of the things I have noticed after 6 years of training in the morning is my mood! I am always happy throughout the day. Exercise stimulates the brain to release serotonin, a hormone that regulates our mood, well-being, and feelings of happiness.

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